Why I developed a skincare range in 2006?

Why I developed a skincare range in 2006? Interesting question to ask myself this today in October 2013.

With my 26 years working in the beauty profession seeing women spending lots of money on products that where chemical based and no results seen. I had to do something. Crazy to see a woman spends $100 or more on one product and a week after using no change in the skin.

There was a need for natural & organic products that gave results & were affordable. So I stepped up and did it, why not I said to myself. So the journey started

In today’s environment more and more women are using chemical based products, from shampoos to makeup. With the rising rates of cancer it’s better to get back to basics. Women today require a beauty routine that doesn’t take time, and Door of Youth offers just that.

Our product is results driven, and are customers who have taken the first steps on the road to that ‘door’ are singing our praises. Results have proven that pigmentation fades, fine lines and scar tissue are diminished, the texture of the skin is softer and acne prone skin is softened and repaired.

Door of Youth a simple 3 step 3 minute skincare product to ladies from all walks of like & ages, at a price you can afford, $139 for Trio skincare pack.

Working Mum, Toddler and skincare are not words that went together in my vocabulary unless you meant that splash of moisturiser when I remembered it every few days. Skin Care – it was just all too hard.

Since becoming a Mum the time for skincare routines of the past is no longer there and my skin was feeling it, and showing it, and then I entered Door of Youth Woohoo! My skin is back.

Having sensitive skin I was hesitant to use a product with AHA but I gave it a whirl on a weekend and within days I was seeing clearer and softer skin and my glow returning. Over the past 3 weeks my skin has become smoother, softer and has the touch it used to have, before baby. I have managed to keep it up most days and I love the feeling of the AHA in the renewal serum working as I drift off to sleep each night.With 3 easy steps, wash, moisturise and renew all done in less than 30 seconds I can have the skin of my youth again and I am loving The Door of Youth that has been opened.

Great products Debbie thanks for giving me my skin back!

Reading Testimony like that is why I started my Journey in 2006.

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