• Lyn

    I’m so glad that I have entered the ‘Door of Youth’ and don’t intend leaving in a hurry. Whilst I have always tried to look after my skin, at 72 it badly needed some extra attention and hallelujah, along came Debbie. I love her natural organic skincare range. It is so easy to do the same routine every morning and night and my skin is really responding. I can see the benefit already, getting rid of dead skin and plump up the collagen and I know it will only get better I don’t feel old at all and thanks to ‘Door of Youth” I am not going to look old either!

  • Tracey

    WOW just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your Door of Youth products. I can’t believe the difference
    in a couple of days. My face looks so cleaner and clearer, unbelievable will be telling my friends about this skincare. Shop on your seat not your feet !!

  • Mystery Review

    Since becoming a Mum the time for skincare routines of the past is no longer there, my skin was feeling it and showing it. Then I was asked to review The Door of Youth skincare. Woo hoo! My skin is back.

    Over the past 3 weeks my skin has become smoother, softer and has the touch it used to have, before baby. I have managed to keep it up most days and I love the feeling of the AHA in the renewal serum working as I drift off to sleep each night. With 3 easy steps, wash, moisturise and renew all done in less than 30 seconds I can have the skin of my youth again. Great products thanks for giving me my skin back!

  • Loretta

    I’m at the 3rd week mark and yes you are right I am totally hooked. The products are gorgeous; I am in love with the cleanser! I can’t wait to get my days makeup off and do my routine before heading to bed. The feeling when you wash it off in the morning is just magic. I’m sure my results will improve but my skin is softer and looks great. The funny thing is that you can achieve all this with just the three products. I have not used a mask or a scrub since buying your range and yet my skin is softer and clearer than when I was using double the amount of products. Fabulous and I look forward to getting more results as time goes on.

  • Olivia

    I have been using The Door of Youth skincare for 3 months and the difference is AMAZING! I love the simpleness of the 3 steps and how affordable it is. I am so happy how my skin looks and feels.

  • Kylie

    I have been using TDOY skincare for 1 week now and guess what? Can see and feel the changes already. Have been getting comments also already on how clear my skin looks. One very happy shopper!

  • Lea

    Just wanted to say how thrilled I am with TDOY skin care! Have been using it for a week now and I can’t believe how quickly my skin improved. I was most worried about my frown lines but now that are completely gone. I love the texture and feel of it on my skin. I won’t be buying expensive products anymore. TDOY skincare is simpler to use and more affordable LOVE IT.

  • Jan

    Hi, I have been using TDOY skin care for the past 3 months, I have noticed an amazing improvement in my skin; my skin now has an even tone, smoother & no need to cover up with make up. I am very impressed with the simple 3 step program & chemical free and kind to animals. Become a Fan of TDOY I recommend it to all my friends.

  • Samantha

    My friend and I both purchased TDOY pack at a bridal expo in Jan 2008. I continued to use what I was using until my girlfriend called and told me how great her skin was. Well I started using the product immediately and have notice amazing results. Within a fortnight my skin looked so clean and fresh with an even tone. I started using it on small scars on my ankles and back. With my wedding approaching I am very glad my skin will be looking and feeling it s best one less thing to worry about.

  • Julia

    I would like to start off by thanking you for your wonderful product. I started using the skin care that very night, and I have to admit that I can already see improvement in my skin and its texture. Considering that it has only been a WEEK or so it’s quite amazing. My skin looks smoother and fresh, skin texture appears to be more refined and my neck has improved beyond belief.

    Great for a lady in her forties.