• Sugar cane key to youthful skin.

    See the benefits of AHA over 6 years my skin is smoother and younger looking.
    With NO cosmetic procedures or injectables!!

    If you want a more youthful skin use a product that is rich in AHA – Alpha Hydroxy Acid. Naturally sourced AHA is made from sugar cane as it has the smallest molecule of all the Alpha Hydroxy Acids which gives it the best permeability.

    AHA have caused a sensation recently as anti-wrinkle active ingredients, AHA can loosen the intercellular ‘glue’ allowing new cells to come through more rapidly and stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin. The visible effect is a skin which looks fresher and younger. AHA acids help remove the surface dead skin cells, improving skin texture and color; skin is left feeling plump and glowing as the new skin layers are revealed.

    As we age our skin starts to look dull, firmness disappears, the youthful glow is diminishing. Why does this happen & how can we look fabulous in our 40’s?

    Our facial skin is made up of three layers the epidermis (what we see), dermis (the middle layer) and subcutaneous layer (the third layer). Your skin sheds every 28-45 days, rejuvenating the epidermis and allowing the next generation of skin cells to come forward. What happens is we get a BUILD UP of DEAD SKIN CELLS this will make our skin look tired, uneven tone & fine wrinkles may appear. With young skin types they get blocked pores that forms pimples and scar tissue.

    The Door of Youth Skincare is RICH in AHA’s. The foaming cleanser is 5% AHA, Skin Renewal Serum 12.5 % and Revisiting Moisturizer rich in zinc with give more tone to the skin.

    See Results in 21 days using TDOY (The Door of Youth) Skincare

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