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Have you bought expensive skincare only to be disappointed? We want YOU to experience and see the results from using Door of Youth Trio Skincare for only $9.00 (conditions apply) Go to home page click on 30 day trial button and the Trio skincare will be at your door in 3 days.

Dear Debbie,

I know it sounds cliché but I felt a difference with Door of Youth skin care range from the very first use. Living in the humidity of the Gold Coast summer I found that after cleansing my skin and then applying your moisturiser my skin stayed fresh the whole day. I also noticed that my skin took on a whole new brilliance. I have been blessed with very good skin from my mother, and growing up in the UK, my skin hasn’t suffered the same sun damage as many Australians, but after 20 years here I was beginning to notice the tell tail lines and wrinkles appearing.

However, after using your skin care products for the past 6 weeks, I am finding that the lines just seem less, particularly around my eyes and mouth. All I can say is a huge THANK YOU!

The other incredible story I need to tell you is about my daughter, she has just hit the pimply stage and no amount of encouragement to keep her face clean was working. A few days ago a rather large pimple appeared on her skin, and she finally asked me what she could do. I got her to use Door of Youth Cleanser and then the moisturiser. Her skin was very oily and you could see it was clogging up the pores. After using your skin care for the first time, I could see a difference. However, in only two days of use her skin also started to look clearer and the painful pimple that started all this had subsided and wasn’t visible. I also am noticing that her skin isn’t getting an oily build up – so I can see this really working for her.

I didn’t hesitate to get her to use your products because I knew they were natural ingredients and that is something that I am particularly careful with. I had looked at acne products for my daughter previously but being an avid label reader, I could never bring myself to buy them.

You have two new converts to your excellent skin care range – Mother and Daughter!

Thank you so much.
Annie January 2009

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