More time in your day.

To Do List that you write the night before what is happening tomorrow. I find it helps to write down the hours from when you get up to going to bed. List everything for 21 days and then you will find it becomes a habit. Don’t say it will take to much time, just do it and see the results.

When I was working for an international cosmetic company this is what they taught me the benefits of a To Do list. If you want more out of your day get up and hour earlier. Ask yourself how much time to you spend watching TV? Now I have my favourite TV shows and don’t talk to me while they are on. But really we do waste a lot of time sitting on the lounge; with laptops today we can do both. Sitting watching a TV program is not quality time with your family. Have a movie night once a week as the family with some home made popcorn that is fun.

Who makes the kids beds? Today we have doonas, so easy for kids to make there beds. Teach them from an early age to make their beds.

What is in the washing basket gets washed, if on the floor it stays there.
Funny story my son when he was about 13 year old, when he had a shower would sometimes leave underwear on the floor. I noticed this one day and just left them there. One morning getting ready for school I hear “mum I don’t have any clean underwear” really I said check the washing basket. No it was empty” well I don’t know where they are you best find them” Well he looked everywhere and couldn’t find them. I was laughing on the inside “look in the bathroom “no there not there he said. “Have another good look & there they were behind the door” So a lesson learnt that day.
Delegate to family members to assist in the kitchen. When I was a little girl we all had to help mum at dinner time. One of us would set the table for dinner, one clear the table after dinner, one wash up & other wipe up. Today we have dish washer so easy.

Today there is my husband & me at home. I cook and he does the dishes most nights.

Everything has a home and that is where it needs to be. So when you use an item when finished place it back where it belongs.

Paper work handle it once, when you pay a bill file it. If you have a business and the mail comes in open it read it and file in correct place. Newspapers if you want to keep them have a basket they go in, if not in the bin once read.

Lost your car keys lately?? Have a key holder so when you come in that is where the keys go.

I could go on and on with little tips. Will leave you with this “It takes 21 days for form a habit” so start something you want to change on the 1st September and let me know how you feel after 21 days.

Have a youthful day


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