Acne causes suicide in teenagers, there is a natural way to treat acne.

With 32 years in the beauty profession, I am still learning each day and always reading Professional Beauty Magazine. It shocked me on Sunday when reading an leading Australian Magazine that teenagers ( overseas) have committed suicide from a lower income family as they couldn’t afford treatment for their children.
One may think this is to the extreme; depression can cause a person to do many things.
At that teenage years pimple or acne can start and parents want to help their teenage boy or girl as best as they can. Parent take there teenager to a chemist or a Doctor and follow their lead, as they can see the pain and suffering on their child face.
Teenagers and peer group pressure, we always hear how the one with pimples/acne is picked on. The girl will cover up with heavy makeup, the boys will grow their hair so do their best at the cover up and have seen many wear foundation to cover up.
SELF ESTEEM is affected and the person starts to get depressed. So the Doctor says “Let’s start Roacutane” this will clear up the acne and all will be good!! Or the great ProActiv is used as we see on TV this will clear the skin from acne like the stars. Also ProActiv it will remove the colour from the towels that are used like bleach, wonder what causes that. Benzoyl Peroxide this is the cause.

What is a frighten aspect is Roacutane causes “DEPRESSION”
I recommend reading this blog written by Naturopath Sam Beau Patrick. Sam has explained here in detail
I recall my son having pimples at 16 years of age and he would always ask me to buy a supermarket range to clear up his skin that he saw advertised on TV. One day out shopping we had a look at this product and it was 100% chemical based and I said NO you will not use this on your skin.

When I was looking for people to test the skin care I was formulating in 2006, Corbin was one of these people. At 16 years old with acne his skin was looking very angry, swollen and red. Within 14 days testing the skincare range his skin started to clear ( having issues loading pictures will do ASAP).

This product was not formulated for the ACNE markets know I believe there is an opportunity for The Door of Youth Skincare to be branded for ACNE skin under another name.

Corbin before starting with skincare age 16

Corbin 2 weeks after using skincare

Viewing the picture after 14 days using The Door of Youth Skincare the skin is not at swollen or red. What was it that gave great results in 14 days, the key ingredient SUGAR CANE or better known as Glycolic in the beauty profession. This ingredient has the ability to buff away and shed the dead skin cells, with healing benefits of aloe vera, lavender and zinc also added to the skincare range.

We need to educate the teenagers and those adults with acne that there is an alternative to using chemical base products and drugs like roacutane.

That is all for now.
Debbie Majella Nolan
Beauty Specialist  (32 year’s experience)

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